Airport queues can become a thing of the past when you have a private aircraft. Your flight leaves at a time of YOUR choosing and brings you safely home again as soon as your business meeting has finished.

Of course there is no need to 'check in' at the airport hours before your flight leaves. Typically, you can be airborne within a few minutes of arriving at the airport and on your return, you avoid the queues of holiday makers fighting their way through passport control.

Whereas time spent on an airline flight is largely unproductive, a private aircraft is a great place to do business on the move. Most can be equipped with satellite phones, internet and fax so you can be as productive in the sky as you are in your office.

If your time is money or if you place a value on convenience, then a private aircraft could well be the move you need to make to get you ahead of the competition.

According to a 2009 study, businesses that use business jets boosted their "Top Line" sales by 6%, so the finance director might not take too much convincing.

At Julian Storey Aviation we offer a professional management service which is second to none.

You decide when and to where you wish to fly and we take care of the rest. When you arrive at the airport your aircraft will be fuelled, crewed and ready to go. If you have requested catering then that will be on board.

We arrange for maintenance, cleaning and most importantly of all, keep ahead of the ever changing rules and regulations which affect the operation of aircraft.

Owning a private aircraft is a powerful personal statement and if professionally managed, need not be the headache or expense that you might imagine it to be.