Buying an aircraft has the potential to be a minefield, but with the right advice, it absolutely doesn’t need to be.

We can help you choose the right type of aircraft to match your needs and then help you find the best possible example of that type, at the best possible price.

Once an aircraft has been identified, we have engineers based in both Europe and in North America who can undertake a ‘pre purchase’ inspection, which would include an in depth analysis of its current maintenance status, its maintenance history and also whether it has ever sustained accident damage.

When the decision has been made to purchase, we can advise on the most suitable state of registry to operate under (this will of course depend upon your particular circumstances) and advise you of your options with regard to importation, if the aircraft is not currently based in the European Union.

Finally, we can involve an aviation tax specialist who will help you ensure that you operate your new aircraft in the most tax efficient way allowed by the regulations in the jurisdiction in which the aircraft is to be based.